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Ramona Man Mutters ‘I Didn't Do It' as Judge Sentences Him for Killing Pregnant Woman on Mother's Day 2017

Jessica Foderingham was pregnant when she and her unborn child were killed in the DUI crash on Mother's Day 2017

A Ramona man was sentenced Monday to 34 years to life in prison for his role in a hit-and-run crash two years ago that killed a pregnant woman in front of her sons and her husband. 

Jessica Foderingham, 29, was killed when her car was struck from behind in May 2017. The force of the collision sent her car into a tree on San Vicente Road in the San Diego Country Estates community.

Andrew Milonis, who was convicted of murder and hit-and-run charges, interrupted the hearing, muttering, "It wasn't me." 

"It was disgusting," one of the victim's relatives said outside of court.

Foderingham's family stood together and said they were angered by the defendant's actions. 

"He knew what he did wrong," said Regina Townel, Jessica's mother. 

"I really feel sorry for Milonis' family because his kids won't be able to see him either. I hope they never get a chance to see him. I hope they never give him any visitation rights," Townel said. "I don't have any more visitation rights with my daughter because he took them away."

Members of Jessica Foderingham's family speak outside of court after the sentencing hearing ended.

The fact that he had been driving on a suspended license from a DUI in 2016 also played a role in the sentencing according to Deputy District Attorney Laura Evans.

"It was the right and just thing," said Evans. "He drove intoxicated. He killed a pregnant mother." 

Christian Foderingham was driving in front of his wife as they traveled to her grandmother’s home on Sunday, May 14.

“All I heard was a big slam, and the vehicle raced past me on the right side, swerving. And I turned to make sure my wife was still behind me, and I see her hit a tree,” Foderingham said in the days following the crash.

Milonis drove away from the scene, eventually taking a Lyft ride to a bar.

As part of his defense, Milonis' legal counsel told the court his client suffered an injury to his brain.

"He didn't show any remorse during the trial," said juror Anne Nowlin.

Nowlin attended with three of her fellow jurors.

"We felt he would go out and offend again if he were let go," she said 

NBC 7’s Elena Gomez reports on the plans to honor Jessica Foderingham, a Ramona mother who was pregnant when she was involved in a collision on San vicente Road on May 14, 2017.
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