Pursuit Suspect Arrested Inside Jail in Vista

A man attempting to evade authorities during a pursuit in Oceanside was arrested inside a jail on Tuesday, according to the Oceanside Police Department.

Oscar Leal, 35, was arrested inside the Vista Detention Facility for DUI, felony evading and resisting arrest.

"Clearly he wanted to go to jail because he drove himself straight there," Oceanside Police Officer Matt Ephron said.

Ephron had attempted to pull Leal over for a minor traffic violation near Oceanside and College boulevards around 1:54 a.m. Tuesday. Leal did not stop and drove off.

"He was talking to himself inside his car, had his front window down and as I came in behind him, he went straight out of the right turn pocket," said Ephron, "which is a vehicle code violation and I attempted to make a traffic stop."

Leal drove around 30 miles per hour, swerving between lanes on surface streets.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department (SDSO) took over the pursuit when Leal drove into Vista.

Leal eventually looped around the Vista Detention Facility, got out of his car and entered the area of the jail where prisoners are taken for processing.

"That's when they closed the gate on him," Ephron said. "He decided he'd jump in and so he essentially broke into jail before he was taken into custody. I don't think I've heard of anything like that in my career."

Leal was booked into the Vista Detention Facility later.

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