Puppy Found Tied Up on South Bay Trail

A puppy left alone and tied up in Otay Valley Regional Park was found Tuesday by San Diego Police Officers on patrol.

The officers noticed the pit bull mix, estimated to be 10 months old, tied to a tree in an area that had recently burned.

With warnings of unusually high temperatures in the area, officers walked the area looking for the pup’s owner.

They decided to call San Diego County Animal Services who picked up the dog.

The friendly, playful dog appeared to be in good health.

Dan Desousa, spokesperson for the County of San Diego Animal Services, said if you do need to give up your pet, don’t leave it in a random spot.

“There are rescue groups out there who may be able to take your dog. If it's an issue with food or medical care, we have resources,” he said. “We can put you in touch with so you don't have to give up your animal.”

The dog was placed at the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility on Beyer Way in Chula Vista. Staff will check to see if the dog has a chip that will lead to its owner.

If the dog isn't claimed in three days, he will be put up for adoption.

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