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Puppy Abandoned in Mexico to Have Forever Home in SD

A two-year-old dog found on the side of a freeway in Mexico with a broken leg will finally be able to join his forever family Thursday.

The dog, Orson, was found four months ago with a limp because his right front leg was too short due to a broken bone, according to the Rancho Coastal Human Society (RCHS).

Veterinarians determined he would need surgery and therapy to stretch the broken bone.

Residents who heard Orson’s story donated enough money for him to receive leg surgery and therapy. Now,he is ready to go to his forever home, according to the humane society.

“We received dozens of applications from families who wanted to adopt Orson,” said RCHS Vice President of Adoption Services Kathy Zerkle. “Some of them have adopted other dogs. Others changed their minds.”

Zerkle said it was Orson’s foster care family who applied right away to adopt Orson, and they will be taking him home on Thursday.

Although Orson’s surgery was a success, Zerkle said the family will need to watch out for arthritis.

“He’s able to use the leg, but because of the damage before the surgery, Orson will have a slight limp,” said Zerkle.

Despite the potential for arthritis, Zerkle said Orson’s life is much better because he is not in pain, and he will get to live the life he deserves.

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