Prosecution Cuts Deal in Slain Wife's Murder Trial

Star witness offered immunity

A major development in the trial of a Ramona man accused of killing his wife and burying her in his backyard. The prosecution has cut a deal with their star witness.

Toby and Keith's son, Sean Turner, is scheduled to take the stand. Sean was offered immunity Wednesday so nothing he says on the stand can be held against him, said District Attorney Kurt Mechal.

Keith Turner is charged with murder for strangling his wife after the two argued in September 2005. He killed his wife and buried her in the backyard of their Ramona home, said prosecutors.

It began as a missing persons report.  Two years later it turned into a homicide investigation when investigators found human remains in the suspect's back yard after being tipped off by the defendant's stepson.

Sean Turner told investigators he was asked by the suspect to help bury his mother's body.  He refused and didn't offer any information to authorities because he feared for his life. According to prosecutors, Turner dug up his ex wife's body because he thought that grave was not deep enough. Then, he buried her again.

Prosecutors said the son was the only person who saw what happened that night in their Ramona home between his mom and dad. He said he saw his father stepping on his mom's neck after an argument on Sept. 19.

Turner was first married in 1974. He and his wife Betty lived in Escondido.  In 1983 Betty was found dead in the home's garage.  The death was ruled a suicide.

John Bonveno, boyfriend of slain wife Toby Turner, 44, also took the stand Wednesday.

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