Poway Teen Honored by PETA

A North County teen is getting national attention for advocating the protection of marine life.

Over the past four years, Zach Affolter has produced videos focusing on the concerns of marine animals.

The 17-year-old Powegian has even taken on SeaWorld, petitioning to keep school events away from the theme park.

Now PETA's taken notice awarding him a Libby Award as in Animal Liberation. He was named in the category “Star Street Teamer of the Year.”

For their part, SeaWorld says, "There is no organization more passionately committed to the physical, mental, social care and well-being of all of animals than SeaWorld."

Next month Affolter is planning to go to Miami where he's leading a protest to free an orca from captivity at a theme park there.

"I'd like a world where they're safe where there's no pollution where they have plenty of food and made not to perform for entertainment," he said.

PETA selects its winners based on how many votes are received in an online contest as well as the organization’s assessment of the person’s “demonstrated enthusiasm about being animal-friendly.”
Affolter receives a certificate and bragging rights, the organization said.

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