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Poway Markets, Restaurants Find Ways to Serve Amid Boil Water Advisory

As Poway nears one week under a Precautionary Boil Water Advisory, some stores and restaurants have found ways to stay open and serve customers safely.

The Stater Bros. Market on Poway Road was granted a permit from the county allowing them to use potable water to mist produce so that it could resume selling fruits and vegetables. There are several other markets within city limits selling produce, too.

Eddie Zaragoza stopped by Stater Bros on Wednesday night to do some shopping. He said he hasn't been too concerned with the boil water advisory.

"We buy bottled water so I haven't really had to deal with boiling. I have a dog and we've been giving him bottled water also,” Zaragoza said.

Buying groceries and quenching his and his dog’s thirst hasn’t been a problem, but the boil advisory is keeping him from eating at his favorite local restaurants.

"It's affecting me going to restaurants. I haven't been able to go to restaurants in the neighborhood," he said.

In-n-Out also found a way to get around the advisory. The eatery received a modified health permit from the county that allows them to cook anything that doesn't rely on water. They can cook burger patties, but their toppings have to be brought in from other stores. Instead of French fries, patrons are offered chips.

Employees are boiling water for washing dishes and potable water was brought in for handwashing.

Kaminsky’s BBQ was able to serve customers who came to watch Monday Night Football by finding a way around using city water. They filled their food truck with water from another city and used it to serve and prepare food, and wash dishes. They also “imported” ice and a handwashing station from outside the city, and served canned soda and bottled water.

Poway residents took to social media to launch a grassroots campaign to get the community to dine at city restaurants once the advisory is lifted.

City leaders still can’t estimate when the state will lift the boil advisory. A spokesperson said Wednesday that sample testing has shown no bacterial contamination in the city’s water.

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