Police Museum Volunteers Engaged in ‘Obscene' Behavior: Witness

A woman is outraged after she witnessed – and videotaped – volunteers with the San Diego Police Museum engage in what she described as obscene behavior on Halloween night.

Several women were getting their pictures with the men, all wearing police uniform, when one of the volunteers slapped a woman on the buttocks, the witness said.

For a photo opportunity, they did a mock arrest, placing the woman's hands behind her back and pulled her hair. 

“They went from taking a picture of a woman to pulling her over a hood, which is obviously a sexual encounter. It’s a sexual gesture,” said the witness, who wished not to be identified.

The woman shared the video with NBC 7. We sought comment from the San Diego Police Museum and the San Diego Police Department.

The police department, noting the incident did not involve any active duty officers, issued this statement:

"We just received these videos. We reviewed them and they do not appear to involve any SDPD officers. We are looking into the matter, and have contacted the Historical Association and ask they do the same."

The San Diego Historical Association, with whom the volunteers were affiliated, issued a lengthy response, saying folks often want their photos taken with the mock officers:

“As with Halloweens past, a number of individuals made specific requests for photos involving mock arrests. Some of those requests included simulated handcuffing, being placed across the hood of a police car and or otherwise restrained,” the statement read.

The statement also noted that none of the actions taken on the women were against their will or physically harmful.

The Historical Association, whom the volunteers are affiliated with, are not associated with the police department, though the two entities do occasionally partner together.

The woman who recorded the video as well her boyfriend who also witnessed the situation felt it was inappropriate.

“We were taken aback,” she said. “And we were like, ‘Oh my gosh. What is happening?’”

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