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Brazen Plant Thieves On The Loose in Kensington, Talmadge

A crop of Kensington residents can’t wait to catch some thieves green handed. They tell NBC 7 someone’s been stealing plants from their yards.

Jason Douglas-Hiley’s home sits in an idyllic neighborhood, but lately, there’s been more trash left behind and people living in the plant bed across the street from him.

“I’m not saying it’s all homeless. Other people drop off stuff too, skateboarders and kids,” said Douglas-Hiley.

So, he put his gardening skills to work.

“I planted these agave plants because they’re spikey and it’s not something you want to sleep next to or on top of,” said Douglas-Hiley.

That plan didn’t last long. Someone came and ripped them out of the ground.

“How low can you go when you start stealing people’s plants?” said Douglas-Hiley.

Turns out he’s not the only one dealing with plant thieves.

Talmadge resident Angela Noble woke up to an alert from her Ring doorbell camera. Surveillance video showed a woman attempting to take plants from her yard at 4 a.m.

“She was like tugging on it, but you can’t really pull that out so I think she just gave up,” said Noble. “Seems like people are walking around taking what they want. Kind of crazy.”

This woman didn’t get away with much. Maybe a few leaves but she definitely tried.

“Yeah it’s frustrating as a homeowner, you invest in your property to try and make it nice for the community,” said Noble.

Surveillance may not have worked for Noble but its next on Douglas-Hiley’s to-do list.

“I’ll at least put a sign that says I have a camera. Maybe that will deter people,” said Douglas-Hiley.

Neither person reported the situation to police so there is no active search for thieves.

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