Plane Headed to Lindbergh Field Hit by Laser

A Southwest flight heading to San Diego’s Lindbergh Field was hit by a green laser Monday night, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) confirmed.

At around 8:20 p.m., Southwest flight 4839 was flying westbound from Las Vegas to San Diego. The aircraft was at 3,500 feet when it was illuminated by the laser from the left side about 10 miles east of Lindbergh Field, Ian McGregor with FAA told NBC 7.

No injuries were reported and authorities are investigating the source of the laser.

Pointing a laser can cause temporary blinding and can be very dangerous to pilots. The FBI considers pointing a laser at an aircraft a felony, and the crime carries prison time and fines, as well as civil penalties and fees imposed by the FAA.

McGregor said San Diego has had 44 reports of lasers pointed at aircraft in 2015, as of July 3. In 2014, the FAA tallied a total of 64 laser reports in San Diego.

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