Pinwheels at Rady Children's Hospital Draw Attention to Problem of Child Abuse

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

A colorful display featuring 1,800 pinwheels in front of the Chadwick Center for Children and Families at Rady Children's Hospital this month pays tribute to abused and neglected children seen at the center this past year. 

To mark April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month, the royal blue pinwheels were placed on the front lawn of the Rose Pavilion of the Chadwick Center at 3020 Children's Way, near the fountain. 

Each pinwheel stands for an abused or neglected child seen or treated over the past year at the Chadwick Center. 

"Today we have 1,800 pinwheels, But if we put how many children were actually the subject of an investigation by county child welfare and child protection officials, that number would be 44,000," said Charles Wilson, Senior Director at the Chadwick Center. 

Wilson urged families, neighbors and communities to watch over each other and keep an eye out for child abuse and neglect. 

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