Pet Shop Won’t Pursue Puppy Nappers

Pet City on Katella Avenue in Stanton falls victim to a Thursday theft of a chow

Owners of the Stanton pet store where a 3-month-old chow was stolen will not press charges against the puppy thieves.

The suspects tried to give back $600 in cash and an apology note after taking the dog worth $700.

Police in Orange County were intent on finding whoever stole the dog from Pet City on Katella Avenue.

“Return the dog,” Orange County sheriff’s spokesman, Jim Amormino, told NBCLA early Saturday. “You’re facing two felonies - burglary and grand theft. We have your picture."

But the thieves seemed remorseful.

An unidentified woman offered a shopper $20 to carry an apology note and the $600 in cash - but no puppy - into the store on Friday before disappearing. But instead of taking the cash and the note inside, the shopper called police.

On Saturday, the thieves were reported to have called the store and offered to pay for the sales tax.

Orange County sheriff's deputies on Friday released surveillance video of the heist, and said they received dozens of tips.

The video from the Thursday afternoon heist, shows a woman, possibly Latino, breaking a lock on a cage and making off with the dog under her arm. She was working with a heavyset African American man, who distracted the store clerk.

It wasn’t the first time the store has seen a puppy theft.

The store has had pups stolen twice in recent years, but both dogs were returned after surveillance video was shown on TV, authorities said.

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