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‘Low-Life Scums': Jewelry Store Owner Lashes Out at Robbery Suspects

Police say three masked and armed men smashed display cases in a Hillcrest jewelry store and ran off with an unknown amount of valuables.

The men rushed into Bert Levi Family Jewelers on the 1000 block of University Avenue at around 5 p.m. and forced employees of the store to the ground, police said.

Surveillance cameras from inside the store show the men run in, hop over the case and immediately start smashing it in.

A camera positioned above the cash register shows one of the suspects take the cash from the drawer and throw a tray full of loose change on the ground. They ran out of the front door in less than 40 seconds.

"I'm sure right now they're thinking, 'Hey, we got a score.' And I'm sure they're enjoying it but I can tell you, you guys are low-life scums," store owner Gloria Levi said.

Levi said she's aware of recent jewelry store robberies in San Diego, including a daylight heist in San Carlos last month.

"You've got three hoodlums, I don't care who they are. I'd like to know who raised you three. You three are the scum and I mean scum," she said.

The San Diego Police Department has not said if Monday's heist was connected to any others around town. Levi says jewelers are tight-knit and they all share information.

According to SDPD, the suspects fled the scene in a champagne-colored car. Police do not have a description of the suspects, and could only say their car was a light-colored sedan.

No customers were inside at the time of the robbery, police said. Levi was not hurt. 

No other information was available.

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