Parking Lot's Lights Pester Little Italy Residents

The parking structure at Kettner Boulevard and Cedar Street was built near condo and apartment buildings in Little Italy

Several hundred lights adorning a new parking building in Little Italy have been changing intensity and hue recently, affecting residents of nearby condo and apartment buildings.

The parking structure, which sits at Kettner Boulevard and Cedar Street, was built so county employees have a place to park during the week.

Recently, workers have been testing the lights are on the west and north sides of the building.

A county spokesperson told NBC 7 the colored lights can be adjusted in terms of color, brightness and how long they stay on.

While some neighbors approve of the lights, others aren't quite fans.

See what we mean here.

New lights in Little Italy are getting mixed reaction and definitely a lot of questions. NBC 7’s Candice Nguyen reports.
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