Owners Who Left Dog For Dead Plead Guilty to Animal Abuse Charges

Terrier mix solei had leg amputated from injuries

A dog is getting a second chance thanks to a team of Good Samaritans who brought her back to life.

Her former owners Benjamin Garcia, 53, and Antonia Torres, 33, pleaded guilty to felony animal charges.

Solei, a terrier mix, is full of energy. 

“We call her the alpha-dog of the house. She needs attention 24/7,” said her new owner, Damon Blankenbaker.

Solei enjoys nonstop playing with Zoey and Baxter, two other rescue dogs in her new home, and fetch with her new dad in the backyard.

Her life, however, was completely different a few months ago. 

Solei was hit by a car and badly injured but her former owners never got her any medical care.

“Her leg was broken and she was taking care of it on her own by licking it,” explained Blankenbaker.

After a few weeks, a Good Samaritan reported her to County of San Diego Department of Animal Services and she was taken to get emergency care. Her leg, was severely damaged and infected so it had to be amputated.

“She somehow survived and didn’t have any issues other than dealing with the exposed bone,” said Blankenbaker.

Now, she has a new beginning, free from abuse and neglect.

“She loves everyone.  She’s a good girl,” Blankenbaker said with a smile on his face.

Solei now lives with her new adopted family in Ramona. 

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