2 Sinkholes Threaten Students' Return to Oceanside Elementary School

There are two sinkholes on the campus of an Oceanside elementary school, and the district said Tuesday it is not willing to put staff and students on campus if they don't know why some sections of ground are sinking.

“Well, it’s a bummer,” said parent Miriam Perez. “It’s going to be dangerous for them, you know.”

A geologist and a crew of workers were spotted in the playground area of Garrison Elementary, located along La Cresta Drive and at the end of Garrison Street.

A large piece of construction equipment was parked near a section of playground asphalt that had been dug up.

In another area, a section of the asphalt measuring approximately two feet wide and four feet long had buckled where students normally play.

“I’m happy and also not happy,” said David, a fourth grader at Garrison Elementary.

A spokesperson for the elementary school told NBC 7 that class may be delayed or students may be moved to another location if the investigation continues.

“I have a car. I can drive them anywhere, but there are parents here that don’t have cars,” said Perez. “It’s going to be pretty tough.”

A meeting was slated Tuesday among parents and an official school district meeting was scheduled for Wednesday. Garrison Elementary is meant to begin classes in three weeks.

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