Ocean Beach Pier Damaged by Strong Waves

Ocean Beach Pier was back open Sunday after a wet and wild weekend.

The pier had to be closed after high waves crashed over the pier cracking part of the railing.

“Generally the waves will hit the Ocean Beach Pier at an angle from the south so the rail on the southside of the pier was hit by some waves and there's some minor damage," Sgt. Jon Vipond of San Diego Lifeguards told NBC 7.

Lifeguards put up caution tape where the railing once was and locked the gates to make sure no one got inside.

“The ocean is an incredibly powerful force and the larger the waves and the consistency the more power is generated,” Ocean Beach resident Doug Blackwood said.

The high surf also forced lifeguards to make at least a dozen rescues this weekend alone. Including saving a woman on Friday at La Jolla Cove when she swam to close to an area of reef.

“You want to make sure you're always careful around the ocean,” Sgt. Vipond explained. “Don't turn your back on the ocean is what they say."

Crews were able to replace the broken wood and repair damaged electrical wires so beachgoers can now go onto the pier safely.

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