Normal Heights Prowler Arrested After Break-In

Araujo is responsible for prowling at least three homes

A perverted prowler preying on women in Normal Heights has been arrested.

Police say 34-year-old Adam Araujo broke into a woman's home on Collier and 34th Wednesday night as she was undressing and exposed himself.

"It's a little alarming, " exclaimed Amanda Bridwell who encountered the same man a day before.

It happened while she was parking her car on Wilson and Monroe. Something about him sounded an alarm. “He didn’t physically come up to me because I was in my vehicle. But I felt he was going to do something. I felt he was going to do something.”

Fortunately he didn't, but police say Araujo is responsible for prowling at least three homes.

Minutes after breaking-in and exposing himself at the house on Collier, police say they got another call of a man lurking around a home on the 4800 block of Felton.

The owner didn't want to be identified, but told NBC 7 he was trying to get into a window in the guest house. When she yelled at him he ran away.

Police say Araujo's crime spree didn't stop there. Their investigation uncovered he prowled another home on the 4400 block of Swift Avenue.

Araujo's actions, unsettling for Jessica Kaprielian who lives a block away from where Araujo is accused of exposing himself.

“I’m hearing more things about our neighborhood making me not feel safe."

Police say two women from the first two crimes were able to identify Araujo after officers detained him. He's facing charges of burglary, felony incident exposure, and multiple counts of prowling.

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