New RV Parking Ordinance Passes in Santee

Tickets could range from $100 to $1,000 depending on previous warnings

The City of Santee is poised to put more restrictions on RV owners.

An ordinance passed Wednesday by the City Council will bring new guidelines for RV's parked on the street.

Among the biggest changes are rules that demand RV's be to be moved 300 feet every 72 hours, and prevent them from being parked within 50 feet of an intersection or marked crosswalk.

Having an RV has been a way of life for Luis Saldana for decades. "We can explore different areas from camping on the beach to camping on the lakes, camping in the desert," he said.

However, soon he'll have some changes to make if he doesn't want to get a ticket.

"The way the driveways and the blocks are here, that doesn't give you a lot of opportunity, a lot of areas where you can actually park the RV," he explained.

Some at the meeting, like Aaron Townsend, were hoping for even more restrictions for RV's.

"I have a habitual offender on my street that's been there since 2008. Has not moved. Permanently stored. I don't think this 300 feet rule is going to do anything," he said.

The city was quick to say that there won't be Sheriff's deputies out looking for RV's and issuing tickets. They'll only come out if there's been a complaint made or if there's a safety hazard.

Tickets could range from $100 to $1,000 depending on the number of warnings the owner has been given.

This was the first reading and vote for the ordinance.

The council will discuss it again May 23 and then the ordinance would most likely take effect in June.

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