New Business in El Cajon Helps Veterans Get Back into Workforce

Two local Veterans are giving back to fellow service members.

They've started a knife-making business in El Cajon after seeing first-hand the demand while overseas.

It's been a labor of love for twin brothers and veterans, Cameron and Connor Toor.

Their inspiration for their craft comes from seeing the need from fellow service members.

“I'm seeing they're ordering their knives off of Amazon, and it would be shipped to Afghanistan. It would be shipped overseas, but everything we were using was breaking. We'd try to wedge it in doors, it would snap," described Cameron Toor.

The two started small, selling their highly-durable knives only to members of the military.

Now, a few years later, they're opening sales and a showroom to the public.

“Now, we're kind of pushing it into the outdoor world, pushing it into filet knives and skinners, even kitchen knives, we do a lot of kitchen knives here too," said Cameron Toor.

The story, however, doesn't end there.

The two are also hiring veterans in the workshop, each responsible for one step in the creation process.

The brothers told NBC 7 it has always been an important part of their vision.  

“It's our goal to hire those guys and to train them in a skill that they can take somewhere else in the future," said Connor Tour.

The brothers have seven veterans employed in their workshop, and they invite any and all veterans to visit and check out the showroom and see what goes into creating the knives.

For more information about Toor Knives, visit their website

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