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Neighbors Help Save Skyline House from Fire

An explosion awakened people living in one Skyline neighborhood early Thursday and it was the quick-thinking of a few neighbors that saved a home from fire.

After the first explosion, the fire quickly spread from the garage inside the home on South Siena Street just before 3 a.m.

Lawrence Wagner and his wife heard an explosion from inside their home across the street. They saw the flames and rushed over using buckets of water to put out the fire.

San Diego Fire-Rescue crews arrived within four minutes and fire was already in parts of the attic.

Crews helped get the residents out of the home. A father and son were home at the time. They suffered smoke inhalation but escaped the flames.

Fire officials say the flames were extinguished within 20 minutes. This may have been an electrical fire, they said.

Wagner said the homeowner thanked him for calling 911.

“He told me he couldn’t even find his phone. He was too busy putting out the fire and smoke in the house, he couldn’t find his phone. So it’s a good thing I did," Wagner said.

No other information was immediately available.

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