San Diego

Neighbors Fed Up With Airport Parking On City Streets

Finding a parking spot can be a common problem in many urban neighborhoods, but one local community is dealing with an additional set of challenges.

A parking concern.. around the airport. 
The San Diego street.. neighbors say people have been leaving their cars-- 
as long as two weeks. 

Neighbors on some San Diego streets say travelers catching flights have been leaving their cars parked for as long as two weeks.

People in Bankers Hill are growing frustrated by the amount of street parking spaces taken up by airline passengers traveling in and out of San Diego International Airport.

"You don't even know any of the people or any of these cars," said neighbor Ryan Ruiz. "We pay to live here and someone is parking right in front of your house. It's very annoying." 

San Diego parking regulations allow drivers to leave cars on city streets for up to 72 hours at a time. However, since the city doesn't actively pursue violators, homeowners must call in and report violations: only then will someone respond and start the 72-hour clock.

While airport travelers might worry about someone stealing or damaging their car, they said they believe the chances of the car getting towed are low.

NBC 7 reached out to representatives from the city, the police department and council member Chris Ward's office. None of them are aware of anything with serious momentum at this point to change the parking rules in Bankers Hill. 
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