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NBC 7 Investigates Publishes Third Episode of New Podcast: INSIGHT

INSIGHT Episode Three focuses on the increasing number of citations that police are handing out to San Diego's homeless.

NBC 7 Investigates has published Episode Three of INSIGHT: a podcast that dives behind the stories and investigations making headlines in our community.

INSIGHT Episode Three focuses on the increasing number of citations handed out by San Diego Police Officers to homeless people. San Diego Police Department says the $282 encroachment violations are a tool to help clean up San Diego’s streets and sidewalks while encouraging San Diego’s homeless population to get the help they need. Advocates for the homeless, however, say the city is targeting the homeless.

I-Team Producers Paul Krueger and Dorian Hargrove explain the numbers they found, the emails which lay out the city’s strategy of issuing citations, as well as speak to a local attorney currently fighting the enforcement in court and a police captain for the San Diego Police Department’s Neighborhood Policing Division.

In future episodes, INSIGHT will inform listeners by giving them a behind-the-scenes perspective on NBC 7 Investigations.

INSIGHT is produced by Senior Investigative Reporter Mari Payton, executive producer Tom Jones, Dorian Hargrove and Matthew Lewis. Lewis also serves as Audio Engineer and Editor.

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