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NBC 7 Investigates Releases Fourth Episode of New Podcast: INSIGHT

INSIGHT Episode Four focuses on San Diego's fight against methamphetamine abuse and the stigmas that follow addicts trying to cope with substance abuse.

NBC 7 Investigates has published Episode Four of INSIGHT: a podcast that dives behind the stories and investigations making headlines in our community. 

INSIGHT Episode Four focuses on San Diego’s fight against methamphetamine abuse. Once known as the “meth capital of the world,” the region is referred to by drug enforcement agents as “ground zero” in the nation’s fight against the dangerous drug. NBC 7 found meth is coming across the border in record amounts and has led to a record number of people dying in the last two decades. 

Mari Payton and Tom Jones explain why there has been a lack of attention on the issue and share their process in reporting this story. With reporters Steven Luke, Melissa Adan, and Rory Devine, the team explores San Diego's history with methamphetamine, what chemists have found in their studies of the drug, and how parents of addicts are teaming up to combat the stigmas that follow addicts trying to cope with substance abuse. 

INSIGHT Episode Four is produced by Executive Producer Tom Jones, Producer Matthew Lewis and Reporter Mari Payton. Lewis also serves as Audio Engineer and Editor. 

INSIGHT Podcast Producer and Audio Engineer Matthew Lewis (Left), Senior Investigative Reporter Mari Payton (Middle), and Executive Investigative Producer Tom Jones.

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