Mysterious Lights in the Sky Baffle San Diegans

What were those mysterious lights in the sky on Wednesday night?

Several San Diegans contacted us at NBC 7 to report seeing the mysterious object that resembled a strobe light. No, they assured us, they’re not crazy – they had the above cellphone video to prove it.

The reports of the light spectacle came from residents as far north as Orange County  and south to San Diego.

Will and Shannon Jacoway were heading home to La Costa from the Padres game about 10:30 p.m. when the lights caught their eye.

“We were coming around the merge. I said, ‘Hey Shannon, what is that up in the sky?’ And it was two kind of fire balls,” Will Jacoway said.

The fire balls stayed in one spot in the sky. One of the lights disappeared and then they saw nothing – until they arrived home.

“We looked out our bedroom window and sure enough we saw one right over there closer to the oceans, so we couldn’t really explain it but it was a little strange,” Will said.

So the burning question (pun intended) is what was it?

“I don’t know,” said Patti Gerke, who was with the Jacoways on the ride home from the game. “How do you guess? I mean, I have no idea.”

The lights seemed to be coming from the direction of Camp Pendleton, so some believed perhaps there was a connection. Camp Pendleton confirmed that it did have live fire training Wednesday night, but couldn’t say whether those activities caused the light spectacle.

A Bayho resident called us Thursday afternoon to say he was certain they were Chinese lanterns, or essentially mini hot air balloons.

What do you think?

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