MTS Unveils New Mural Designs Celebrating Culture, Diversity, and Unity

MTS Mural

The Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) unveiled the first of three new colorful murals which celebrate diversity, culture and unity in Southeast San Diego along the Orange Line Trolley Friday.

The artist, Maxx Moses, created the colorful designs through the lens of urban surrealism, capturing the cultural identities of the people who live in the vibrant neighborhoods of Southeast San Diego.

“The MTS Orange Line Trolley is vital for the success of businesses and community organizations that surround this area,” said Monica Montgomery Steppe, San Diego City Council President Pro Tem, and MTS Board member. “These murals not only celebrate the history and roots of our neighborhoods, but will help instill pride in our youth, encourage foot traffic for businesses surrounding the area, and economic growth.”

“We know that our transit system is a vital connection between neighborhoods,” said Sharon Cooney, MTS Chief Executive Officer. “In many ways these murals represent that connection and we believe will make it even stronger. We want to inspire people from all parts of San Diego to come explore these neighborhoods, help businesses nearby and enjoy the meaningful art that will beautify these walls.”

Elected officials and MTS representatives hope the murals inspire more tourism in the area.

The three designs are being painted over a span of six months and will be finalized by May 2022. Each design has different culture and lifestyle-oriented themes.

Heartline: This 200-foot-long mural, located at Massachusetts Avenue Transit Station, pictures public transportation as the heartbeat of the city, which feeds and is fed by the circulation of people that live, work, play, and thrive within that community. It is about the opportunity of connection and economic inclusion from the city to the suburbs. This design is already completed.

Blossom: This design, located at Euclid Avenue Transit Station, features a brilliant and bright mural design depicting Marigold flowers which speak to the life of the community, and the acknowledgment of our ancestors’ stories and culture that made the foundation of our city. This design is in progress.

Seamless: This mural design is inspired by connectivity and fusing communities together through transit. It's located at 47TH Street Trolley Transit Station and is in progress.

Moses was inspired to create the designs while exploring the city riding transit on 2019’s MTS Free Ride Day. Moses’ first mural with MTS can be seen at the Encanto/62nd Street Trolley station, which was completed in 2010. 

MTS operates more than 100 bus routes and three Trolley lines in 10 cities and unincorporated areas of San Diego. Frequencies and spans have been restored to near-pre-COVID-19 levels. Updated schedules can be accessed on the MTS website.

MTS asks that people wear face coverings at all times and practice physical distancing when possible.

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