‘My Son's Dead!': Mother Begs for Information on Son's Killers

"Now I've got to bury my child, I've got to bury him!” Catherine Pollard cried Sunday night.

Her son Joseph Anthony Ponder lost his life Halloween night after being shot in a grocery store parking lot in Colina Del Sol.

“My son’s gone,” Pollard despaired. “It was innocent kids coming to have a Halloween party and they pulled up in the wrong spot.”

Ponder, his sister and two friends were in the car. Police say the victim and his friends stopped their car next to another group of people. Words were exchanged and then shots were fired into Ponder's car, police said.

Despite rescue efforts Ponder and another man died at the scene. His sister held him as his life slipped away.

“Her brother died in her hands with his blood on her,” Pollard told NBC7.


She said her son spent time in prison, but was turning his life around and focusing on being a dad.

“He had a five-year-old daughter he will never see, she will never know her dad. I'm hurting, I'm hurting. God, I'm hurting,” she lamented.

Police say the suspects ran from the scene. Lost in grief, Catherine Pollard must now bury her son without knowing who took his life.

"Somebody knows something out here, stop hiding, talk people,” she pleaded. “Please talk. You don't want to see a grieving mama like me.”

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