San Diego

More than 400 Cars Gather at Target for a Car Meet in Clairemont

More than 400 cars met up at a Target in Clairemont for a car meet, the San Diego Police Department confirmed.

Officer Robert Heims said on Thursday evening an upwards of 400 to 600 cars met at a Target on Balboa Avenue gearing up for a "race."

This event was put together by Car Show Addicts and King Fresh (CDK). They are small car clubs located mostly in Orange County. However, when the clubs announce an event, it can draw people from all over Southern California. 

This meet-up started as a "Park and Chill."

"We could be causing hell if we wanted to on the streets. Doing donuts like they do in LA just racing but we're just going park and chill," said Dylan Kubiank, a spectator.

Jeff Fine, a customer of Target, said this wasn’t his first time seeing a car meet at this Target.

“My family and I came to Target, we were just doing some shopping and ran into this craziness here,” Fine said. “It's already a crowded area.This is my second or third time I've seen this.”

SDPD set up a perimeter in the area to control the drivers. No injuries were reported. 

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