MMA Academy Holds Free Active Shooter Training

The academy holds the training twice a year.

The MMA Academy in Sorrento Valley held a free training workshop Sunday that focused on how to defend yourself against an active shooter.

Instructors taught dozens of people how to disarm a shooter in close quarters – the same day a shooter killed at least 26 people inside a Texas church.

The participants went through simulated attack practices, learned Krav Maga techniques to defend themselves and used improvised weapons in a fight.

Instructors say these trainings are needed now more than ever.

"So over the years, there have been shootings in nightclubs, schools, places of worship,” instructor Michael Mihalkanin told NBC 7. “We can’t live our life in fear, we have to continue and do what we do in our daily life, we just need tools."

The MMA Academy holds the training twice a year.

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