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Mixed-Use Community Could Replace Big-Box Stores in Mira Mesa

Mira Mesa’s community planning committee began weighing several options that could transform the shopping areas along Mira Mesa Boulevard

Mira Mesa residents could see a large scale community facelift in the coming years such as pedestrian friendly shopping centers and the replacement of big stores with smaller boutique stores.

In August Mira Mesa’s community planning committee began weighing several update options that could transform the shopping areas along Mira Mesa Boulevard from Reagan Road to Interstate 15. One option would remove anchor stores altogether such as Target and Sprouts in order to make way for walkable area with smaller shops and more office spaces.


Cherry Peterson, a mother shopping at Target, told NBC 7 she has lived in Mira Mesa on and off for 30 years and is happy with the new big stores.

“It’s hard to tell what will happen in 20 years, whether I would miss it or not,” Peterson said as she loaded her car with Target groceries.

But Peterson said she also would like to see what a walkable shopping community would look like in Mira Mesa.

“I’d be very interested in that and seeing how that plan goes, because the traffic here is famous, everyone knows it gets very crowded on Mira Mesa Boulevard,” Peterson added.

Councilmember Chris Cate lives with his family in Mira Mesa and said he thinks about his 14-month-old daughter’s future in Mira Mesa as a possible future resident and worker.

“Times do change, businesses change, habits change, priorities change and we want to be on the forefront of that,” said Cate.

Councilmember Cate said a review of the development plan has not been done since the 1990s and the update is 25 years overdue.

“A lot of people are shopping online with Amazon, a lot of these stores aren’t doing well anymore. They are consolidating, going to smaller locations. What do you do with that excess property?” explained Councilmember Cate.

He said he liked the idea of living in a community where he and his family can walk to get errands done.

“It’s individuals like myself having children and them growing up and wanting to live in these neighborhoods, and having to adjust for those demands. Where do you put jobs? Where do you put commercial and retail in these various communities?” Cate added.

The plans were already in the early stages, according to Cate. First the committee needs to weigh each option and then zone the areas for the mixed-use spaces, including public parks. They also plan on doing environmental studies and giving the public an opportunity to give feedback.

Whether any bix box stores will be eliminated won't be completely known for a few more years. The planning stage will not be finished until the end of 2021, according to the City of San Diego’s website.

“We are not forcing anybody to change anything, not telling them (businesses) they have to move out. Circumstances really change, no one thought Amazon was going to happen 25 years ago,” Cate told NBC 7.

The Mira Mesa Community Plan Update Advisory Committee holds regular meetings at the Mira Mesa Public Library on the third Monday of every month at 6:10 p.m.

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