Victim: “I Kept Screaming and Screaming”

The name of a sex assault suspect, who police were having trouble identifying, was released Wednesday.

Joseph Buck, 46, would not give police his name on Tuesday, according to investigators. Detectives had said they would use DNA technology to try and identify him.

The victim said she left her apartment complex on Friars Road in Mission Valley around 9:20 p.m. Monday to walk her dog. About ten minutes later she returned, and when she opened the door to her apartment, she said a man came up from behind her, put his hand over her mouth, pushed her inside and starting hitting her.

"He kept hitting me and hitting me, I kept screaming and screaming, trying to kick," she said, explaining how the suspect suddenly "bolted out the door."

Surveillance cameras show that Buck may have been able to get inside the gated complex by following someone who was leaving. It is also possible that he may have followed the victim as she unlocked a door and then followed her down the hallway to her door.

"I just didn't know he was behind there because I was on my cell phone," she said. "You just don't think about it… I have so much to do and I like to do two things at once and I don't think about nine o'clock being too late to be out, but from now on I will."

About half an hour after the attack, a robbery detective spotted Buck walking down Friars Road near Morena Boulevard. He ran, but was quickly caught after a short chase, said police.

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