Injured Hiker's Phone Light Signals Helicopter Search Crew

An injured hiker used his cell phone as a flashlight to flag down the rescue helicopter

An injured hiker, stuck in Mission Trails Regional Park after dark, used his cell phone as a flashlight to flag down the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department helicopter.

The man was on the edge of the cliff on Climber's Loop when rescue crews found him after 9:30 p.m. Monday.

San Diego Fire-Rescue and San Diego Police were called to the area for a hiker with an ankle injury but had difficulty finding the victim.

“It’s very large park and it’s hard during the day and it’s extremely hard at night to find people who are lost out on the trails,” said Battalion Chief Dan Froelich.

When the hiker decided to use the flashlight feature on his mobile phone, the ABLE crew was able to pick that up and pinpoint the hiker’s location.

Rescuers considered airlifting him out, but crews were able to walk him down the trail.

Froelich reminds hikers to try to finish all outdoor activities before dark and be prepared if you are planning to stay out after sunset with warm clothing and a flashlight.

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