Mission Beach

Mission Beach Businesses See Holiday Weekend Boost

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Businesses are beginning to return to form in San Diego County.

“We are right around the 100% mark of what a typical Fourth of July would feel like for us,” Mission Beach Rentals owner Matthew Gardner said.

Many businesses were negatively affected by the pandemic and were looking forward to the boost over the holiday weekend.

“It’s giving us a huge boost because 2020 was for all businesses but restaurants, the retail industry really struggled and suffered for 2020 for the longest time,” Draft South Mission General Manager Rocky Sheehan said.

Sales saw are a sharp increase and, in some cases, topped pre-pandemic numbers, according to some businesses along the Mission Beach area.

“I don’t have the final numbers yet because accounting has the weekend off, but I’d say we’d probably come in a good $80,000 to $100,000 over what we would normally do,” Sheehan said.

The reported supply chain issues that many businesses are seeing across the county are affecting local businesses, but many say they are working around those struggles.

“We are happy to keep growing as a business and not just be struggling out of a hole coming out of a pandemic so it’s exciting to see growth and not just survival,” Gardner said.

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