Car Plunges Into Mission Bay, Soldiers Save Victims

The crash happened just after 12:30 a.m. in Fiesta Island

Three U.S. military service members sprang to action and rescued a group of men from Mission Bay overnight after a car plunged into the water in Fiesta Island.

The soldiers, in San Diego on vacation from Texas, were relaxing bayside around a bonfire just after 12:30 a.m. when, suddenly, they witnessed an SUV veer off the road and plunge into Mission Bay, about 200 feet away from them.

The service members rushed over to the water.

One man in the SUV had managed to make his way to the shore, but the soldiers soon released two more young men were still in the water, screaming for help.

The soldiers jumped into the bay and pulled the men out. All of the crash victims were unharmed.

The crash is under investigation.

Police say there were reports of a driver speeding and honking in the area about 30 minutes prior to the crash, though it is unclear if those reports are related to the driver of the SUV that crashed into the water. At this point, it is unknown if alcohol played a factor in the crash.

No further details were immediately released.

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