Mira Mesa

Mira Mesa Arson Victims Struggle to Find New or Used Cars

Someone set 33 cars on fire since Dec. 21, 2021, in the Mira Mesa area

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San Diego Police are looking for the arsonist who set 33 cars and trucks on fire in the last three weeks in Mira Mesa.

“I want to know the motivation just to have some idea,” said Nic Duffee, whose car was one of 17 charred in their condominium complex’s parking lot on Dec. 22.

The most recent damage was done Monday morning when five cars were torched at one apartment complex and three more were torched a few miles away at another complex.

“Seeing the damage and then keep going to do it to other people. I just want to know ‘Why?’" asked Duffee who considers himself lucky. The fire didn’t damage his condominium. Plus, they were able to borrow a car from his in-laws who live nearby.

“Just down the road and they had an extra car. So, luckily, they gifted us a car to use until we find a new one. Whenever that will be.”

However, that’s the next problem for the car and truck owners. After they deal with their respective insurance companies, finding a new or used car will be harder and more expensive because of the supply chain issues plaguing the world.

“We don’t know when we’re going to start looking because it’s a hassle right now,” shrugged Duffee.

In the meantime, San Diego Police said they are still following leads and checking nearby surveillance cameras.

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