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Migrant ‘Caravan' Gathers on US-Mexico Border in Tijuana

What to Know

  • The group was sleeping in tents and attending legal seminars given by volunteer attorneys from the U.S. about seeking asylum
  • They plan to try to enter the U.S. on Sunday at San Diego's border crossing
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection has space to hold about 300 people at the crossing

About 370 asylum-seekers are in Tijuana, where lawyers have planned free workshops on the U.S. immigration system on Friday and Saturday. 

The group of migrants, many from Central America, reached the border town on Tuesday and have been sleeping in tents and attending legal seminars given by volunteer attorneys.

On Sunday, the group plans to seek asylum at San Diego's San Ysidro border crossing.

The president has repeatedly called the group a threat to national security. NBC 7's Alex Presha reports from San Ysidro.

Caravans have been a fairly common tactic for advocacy groups to bring attention to asylum-seekers and the latest group pales in size compared to previous ones, but it gained huge visibility after President Donald Trump criticized it from the moment it began March 25.

The caravan has been described as "dangerous" by President Donald Trump and was mentioned as one of the reasons he asked for National Guard troops to be sent to the border region.

The president tweeted this week that he has issued orders "not to let these large Caravans of people into our Country. It is a disgrace."

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Last week, Telemundo 20 spoke with the first of hundreds who were expected to arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Many Central American asylum seekers say they face death threats by criminal gangs in their homelands.

Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen said late Wednesday that any person trying to cross into the U.S. who makes false claims to immigration authorities will subject to criminal prosecution.

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