Michelle Obama Joins Twitter

Everyone <3's the social medias.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

The First Lady isn't as hip as the Prez when it comes to social media, but she's quickly catching up.

President Obama joined Twitter awhile back, and recently the White House has been posting Instagram photos.

Now Michelle Obama has an official Twitter account.

According to VentureBeat, her account is most likely part of Obama's reelection strategy, and will mainly be maintained by staffers, however some tweets will be from Mrs. Obama herself. Those tweets will be signed "-mo."

Her first tweet was simply, "Hi, everyone, and thanks for the warm welcome. Look forward to staying in touch with you here. -mo" followed by,

"Here's something dear to my heart: the MLK Day of Service. Will you join me to serve your community on Monday? -mo"

You can follow the First Lady on Twitter at @MichelleObama

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