Man With Saudi Royal Ties to Be Held Without Bail

A man with ties to the royal family in Saudi Arabia -- accused of trying to flee the U.S. to avoid being tried on a rape charge -- was ordered on Wednesday to be held without bail.

Monsour Alshammari, 27, is accused of raping a woman while on a date in February in Orem, Utah.

An attorney for Alshamarri indicated to the judge that Alshamarri wanted to post bail to take care of his matters, but the judge ordered no bail, noting there’s an immigration hold in place.

Alshamarri was free on $100,000 bail when officials said he attempted to flee from Mexico.

Just days before his next scheduled court appearance, Alshammari was found hundreds of miles away.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection employees apprehended Alshammari last Friday as he tried to enter Mexico through Tijuana.

The Associated Press reports that police did not offer details about Alshammari's royal connection, but they did say he is related to royalty and has family connections within the Saudi Arabian government.

At the court appearance on Wednesday, Alshammari wasn't prepared to waive being extradited to Utah, so the issue of extradition will be taken up at a later date.

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