San Diego

Man Spinning Donuts Fires BB Gun at Driver Who Tried to Stop Him

A man is in custody after firing several shots from a BB gun at another man who tried to stop his burnout exhibition on an East County road.

San Diego Sheriff's deputies say the 25-year-old suspect was doing donuts in his Dodge Challenger on Graves Avenue near the El Cajon DMV when another man approached him and tried to get him to stop.

The Good Samaritan pulled out pepper spray in an effort to diffuse the situation, and that’s when deputies say the Challenger driver took out a BB gun and fired a warning shot.

The victim tried to flee and the suspect followed, according to deputies The suspect fired another shot and blew out the back window of the victim’s Chevy HHR before he turned into the parking lot of a Target on Graves and Broadway for cover. Deputies say the suspect fired another shot and continued driving past the shopping center.

The suspect and an 18-year-old passenger were pulled over about a mile away on Marlinda Way. Deputies searched the charger and found a BB gun tucked behind a seat.

The driver is facing a misdemeanor charge of firing a BB gun at a moving car and felony vandalism. His passenger was released.

The victim was not injured.

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