San Diego

Man Identified After Fatal Fall at Rolando Apartments in ‘Suspicious' Death

Two suspects, including the victim's roommate, were arrested on charges unrelated to his death.

A man who fell four stories to his death from his apartment in the Rolando neighborhood early Saturday under suspicious circumstances has been identified Monday, said police.

Untyuan Smith, age 25, was a resident of San Diego, according to San Diego police (SDPD). The SDPD's Homicide Unit is handling the case due to the suspicious nature of the man's death.

Two people were arrested at the complex who appeared to be connected to the victim. Police have identified the suspects as Smith's 23-year-old roommate Ahmed Parr and 24-year-old Brady Cronin. 

Police arrested Parr for a felony probation warrant not related to Smith's fall, that involved vandalism worth over 400 dollars in damage. Cronin was also arrested and booked into San Diego County jail on several misdemeanor charges including petty theft and drug possession.

Neither of these arrests were on charges connected with Smith's death, confirmed police.

At about 2:50 a.m. Saturday, police received reports that a man had fallen from a four-story apartment at the 4600 block of 63rd street. When police arrived at the complex they found the victim bleeding from a severe head injury.

Smith was rushed to a local hospital and died shortly thereafter. The investigation surrounding his death is ongoing.

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