San Diego

Man Captured On Camera Making Sexually Suggestive Motion To Woman

A man was recorded making lewd gestures towards a woman walking near a popular park in North Park.

The incident occurred around 8 a.m. on Friday, March 24.

“It’s alarming,” exclaimed resident Marilyn De La Cruz.

A picture shows the man wearing a red t-shirt and long khaki shorts following closely behind a woman walking on Pershing Drive near Upas Street.

The woman who snapped the picture did not want to be identified.

But she said the woman who was walking while being followed had no idea what was happening behind her because she had her earphones plugged in.

“He was lifting his shirt up and making strange gestures towards her and it didn’t seem right to me. She wasn’t aware of her surroundings and possibly in danger of someone not out with the best of intentions," the woman said.

The news has Danissa Cuebas on edge considering her frequent runs through North Park with her earbuds in, pumping music.

“It’s motivation," Cuebas said. "It keeps me distracted. You’re not watching the time if you're listening to music.”

But she is now thinking safety first and considering running with only one earbud in.

Meanwhile the neighborhood remains on watch.

Because the man did not expose himself or touch anyone, police say no crime was committed.

But they said they are adding extra patrols to help keep an eye out in the area. 

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