Loved Ones of Welder in Fatal Crash Plan to Finish His Project

Ulises Plascential Roque was in the middle of a welding job at a home in El Cajon when he died in a crash in the College area

Family and friends of a man killed in a crash on Interstate 8 are helping finish a project he started.

Ulises Plascential Roque, 34, was in the middle of a welding job at a home in El Cajon when he died in a crash in the College area.

His car struck the center median and flipped over. It was then hit by two pickup trucks. Roque was ejected and was hit and killed by at least one vehicle.

Roque's mother and father even came in from Central Mexico where they live to help with the project. 

"They had to travel from there to the immigration site in Tijuana, and from there they had to go through all the paperwork to get here. And they only had a couple days' access in the States...They have to leave very shortly," friend David Camacho said. 

People who worked with Roque said their friend was a perfectionist, always trying to do the best work possible.

"Always had a happy customer, never, not once that I was with him at least did he have an unsatisfied customer,” Camacho, who worked with Roque, told NBC 7. "He used to bring all his material onsite, and he'd build everything handmade. Every single little detail for whatever the job was handmade." 

Camacho said Roque hadn't slept in a couple of days because he was trying to meet a work deadline, which may have caused the crash.

"I guess you could say his mistake was overworking himself," he explained. "He was always sending money to his family in Mexico...He wanted to help out his family as much as he could. All the money he earned was always going to Mexico." 

Friends and family hope to finish the project this week.

"Now as a family, want to finish this and that way, renew that money to send to Mexico and help them with the funeral and everything,” his uncle Javier Roque told NBC 7.

"He inspired me to do many things," Camacho added. 

A memorial is planned Tuesday at the Azatlan Mortuary in La Mesa. Roque's body will then be taken to Mexico for burial. 

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