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Locals Line Up for Annual ‘Mowing Down Pollution' Trade-In

The 18th annual “Mowing Down Pollution” event brought out locals looking for a great deal, who arrived at Qualcomm Stadium as early 4:30 a.m. Saturday

Bright and early Saturday morning, locals lined up in front of Qualcomm Stadium hoping to get their hands on a deal: an electric lawn mower for just under $100.

It was all part of the 18th Annual Mowing Down Pollution, which lets San Diego residents trade in their gas-powered lawn mowers for an electric one for $99.99.

Normally, electric lawn mowers retail from $200 to $300.

The county-sponsored event aims to combat pollution. According to the county, trading gas lawn mower for an electric one helps lower emissions by 2-and-a-half tons per year.

District 4 County Supervisor Ron Roberts, who hosted the event, says that having the opportunity to trade in gas powered equipment is just one of the ways San Diegans can help contribute to keeping our air clean.

“[Emissions from] gasoline mowers are equivalent to 25 automobiles,” Roberts told NBC 7. “They are heavy pollutants.”

Linsey Tarr, who has lived in San Diego for over a decade, never heard of the lawn mower trade-in event before, but is happy to help lower air pollution.

“I’m proud of this city for having this event,” she said.

While helping the air quality in San Diego is a major environmental plus for locals, the great deal was another bonus for their wallets.

Roger Duval arrived at the event at 4:30 a.m. and couldn't wait to go home and test his new electric mower out.

“It’s a great deal for the amount I paid, it’s fabulous. I couldn’t ask for anything better,” said Duval. “That’s why there are so many people around here doing the same thing.”

Residents were also able to trade in their gas-powered chainsaws, hedge trimmers, or line trimmers at Saturday's event for $80 a pop. There were around 100 of each of those pieces of equipment available; it's all part of the county's continued efforts to rid residents of their gas-powered tools in exchange for electric ones.

Since 1999, the county says that residents have exchanged nearly 8,500 mowers.

Saturday's event lasted until noon. Those looking trade in their mowers were asked to bring photo ID and proof that they live in San Diego County.

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