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Locals Fed Up With Graffiti and Vandalism in Hillcrest

Artist Alex Julian discovered something shocking Wednesday on a mural he created on the side of Hillcrest Athletic Club for the business on University Avenue. 

"There was a towel stuck on the wall about 20 feet up with tar on it," said Julian. "It was the first time I'd ever seen that. It peeled that layer of spray paint I was using off.”

Julian said the mural was hit twice that day, with obscenities written in chalk over the mural as well. 

Julian added he's been scrubbing for days but the tar is still plastered over parts of his artwork.  

The Hillcrest Business Association said they see cases of graffiti and vandalism about two times a week in the area.

“Graffiti and vandalism are different," said Benjamin Nicholls, exectuive director of the Hillcrest Business Association. "In most cases we see, the homeless population will use vandalism as a way to bully business owners or customers. Graffiti is more related to kids marking their terrority, and in rare cases, related to gangs.”

Nicholls said the association offers a free crew to clean up the graffiti to any business that pays membership dues in Hillcrest. 

He adds if your building has been tagged, take a picture and then remove it quickly.

"Graffiti breeds graffiti, so take care of it right away," said Nicholls. 

He also recommends leaving a light on at night so that culprits can't hide in the dark. 

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