Local Group Helping Abandoned and Abused Dogs

The group is trying to bring some of the 200 dogs found in San Bernadino County to San Diego.

One local shelter is asking for the public to open their hearts and their homes in an effort to save some of the nearly 200 dogs found abandoned in a San Bernadino home last week.

The pups were found abandoned at a San Bernadino home last week living in terrible conditions. San Diego’s Second Chance Dog Rescue took in eight dogs from a shelter in San Bernadino so they could make room for the 191 dogs found.

Next weekend, the organization is hoping to provide a home to two dozen of those nearly 200 dogs.
Before that can happen, the organization needs more foster families.

"It's an impetuous to move operationalize and gather troops," said Alison Fogel with Second Chance Dog Rescue.

Fogel is working with other shelters to ensure all the dogs are adopted. Some foster parents are already stepping up to help the dogs prior to their arrival.

“What motivates us is every dog we can take in and foster we know that's one less dog that can be euthanized at shelter,” said Michael Groch, who first fostered a dog years ago and ended up adopting him.

Since his first foster, Groch has been a temporary parent to 35 dogs.

Groch now plans to take in one of the abandoned pups found in San Bernadino and hopes others will do the same.

Right now the dogs are being cared for by Devore Animal Shelter. They cannot be released and adopted yet because authorities have not been able to find the owners of the dogs.

However, if you are interested in fostering or adopting a dog, you can visit their website by clicking here.

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