Hometown Hero Jimmie Johnson Gives Cash to Local Schools

Local schools recieve thousands in grants for various programs

Once again, hometown hero Jimmie Johnson comes through for San Diego County schools, granting more than $300,000 to several schools, helping schools that are increasingly facing cuts from state and local governments.

The Champions Grant program received applications from schools around the country. Seven San Diego and El Cajon schools received all the grants in California. Six other schools in Oklahoma and North Carolina shared the grants.

Champion race car driver Jimmie Johnson, who grew up in Crest and El Cajon, partners with Lowes to give the educational grants every year.

The San Diego schools include Clairemont High School, Granite Hills High School, High Tech High Point Loma Village Schools, Magnolia Elementary, Point Loma High School, San Diego Educational Complex School of Science and Technology, and W.D. Hall Elementary School.

According to the Champion Grant website, the schools will get grants for the following items:

Clairemont High School - $30,680.41
Upgrade school woodshop

Granite Hills High School - $71,505.70
Outfit classrooms with document camera and projection unit

High Tech High Point Loma Village Schools - $47,040
Acquire updated innovative classroom technology

Magnolia Elementary School - $48,498.54
Outfit classrooms with iMac computers for use with Successmaker program

Point Loma High School Automotive Program - $25,342
Revitalize automotive industrial technology program

SD Educational Complex School of Science and Technology - $43,936
Provide instructional resources and equipment for Green Technology and Engineering program

W.D. Hall Elementary School - $35,531.05
Technology to build language and literacy skills

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