Local Organization Adds More Services to Help Women Veterans During Pandemic

Currently, Foundation for Women Warriors is accepting donations that include diapers, toys and clothing are being accepted ahead of the holiday season

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A California non-profit organization aimed to help women veterans transition into civilian life has added more services in recent months to better help their clients during the unsettling times brought by the coronavirus pandemic.

It was created about a century ago to be a helping hand for widows who lost their husbands in war, but now, with more women serving in the military themselves, the non-profit’s sole purpose is to help them transition into civilian life.

Foundation for Women Warriors offers programs that are aimed to empower the professional development of female veterans.

They also have what’s called the Warrior Assistance program that provides access to scholarships, internships, and mentorship opportunities to help veterans pursue higher education or a career in a certain field.

In addition to the usual ways they help, the foundation is adding more services to assist even more women during the pandemic.

Seventy percent of the women veterans that they serve are single parents. With school going online and a high unemployment rate across the country because of COVID-19, it's been a challenging time for many.

The foundation has opened a warehouse in Vista and is taking in donations that include baby items, clothing and toys ahead of the holiday season.

“Our team is honored to be able to serve these women who have done so much for our country," said Jodie Grenier, Chief Executive Officer of Foundation for Women Warriors. "The women that we serve are just so grateful for our services."

Foundation for Women Warriors is always looking for volunteers and mentors for the women, and anyone is welcome because the more backgrounds and skillsets available to learn from, the better.

To get information on how you can help, or to learn more more on how to help, click here.

An Amazon wish list that can be sent directly to the warehouse can be found here.

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