San Diego

Local Non-Profit Building Emergency Sleeping Cabins for Homeless

A local non-profit organization is working on a solution for the homeless crisis. They're building emergency sleeping cabins for homeless people at a church in El Cajon.

Amikas is trying to help women and children, especially veteran woman, by creating temporary housing options for them. 

“We envision for every woman and child in San Diego to have a safe place to sleep,” says Shanna Welsh-Levin, President of Amikas. “We also want to make sure that veteran women in San Diego are not sleeping on the street ever."

The cabins being built in El Cajon is just a demonstration. It will be an example of how it can help the homeless crisis.

Each cabin takes two days to build, it is insulated, has a locking door, a window, and a porch.

There is a finished cabin on display in City Heights and Welsh-Levin says there's room for up to four people.

To make the cabins an actual home it would take a city ordinance or an emergency declaration from the city.

After getting approval, Amikas would work with other non-profits who help the homeless. Those organizations would set the cabins up on lots and help homeless women get back on their feet.

"This can really create the peace of mind necessary for them to feel mentally healthy and have the ability to get a job and go to work on a daily basis," says Welsh-Levin.

The initial cost for the cabins is $1,800. When you add in paint, the roof, insulation, and furniture the total is around $4,000.

Similar types of cabins have been approved to be used in San Jose, Seattle, and Eugene, Oregon.

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