Local Iranian Community Voices Support for Trump's Actions in Middle East

Some in the local community say General Qasem Soleimani is responsible for killing thousands of Iranians

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Iranians currently living in San Diego say they support President Donald Trump's decision to authorize the drone strike that killed General Qasem Soleimani in Iraq on Friday and hope it will lead to change in their home country.

"I will say from what I hear from Iranian communities, they’re really happy having this guy be gone, and this is the first step towards maybe a better future for Iran, in a political way, economical way and cultural way," said Siamak Ershadi of San Marcos.

Ershadi left his home country in 1985, several years after the Iran Revolution in 1979. He said Soleimani is responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent Iranians.

"In the last 40 years, how many people, how many kids, they were just asking for their rights, and being so honest about their life and their future, been killed, tortured, raped and destroyed," Ershadi said.

Other Iranians living in San Diego said they too support the Trump Administration, though they would not give their names for fear of retaliation against family members still living in Iran.

Ershadi said he is not concerned with threats of retaliation being made by Iran.

"They’re too small, too weak to succeed in turmoil and come out of it clean. To me, and many friends I’m talking to, this is sort of the end of the government of Iran," Ershadi added.

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