Local Businesses Struggling During Pandemic Hope For Second Stimulus Package

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If another infusion of funding from the federal government came through, Crystal Thong, owner of a nail salon, would use it to pay the three months of rent that she owes, pay off her bills and keep “Nailstalgic” open.

“It’s overwhelming, it’s stressful because I want to be able to help my community. I know that this is something that helps a lot of women who have now become friends,” said Thong. 

Thong is a second generation nail technician. Two years ago she moved to California to be closer to family and opened up her own shop, Nailstalgic, one of the only vegan and cruelty free shops in the area was a success, until COVID-19 hit. 

“It’s impacted dramatically, as to me making a decision of whether I could keep operating. It’s affected not only myself but my team,” said Thong.

Her team of 10 is now down to only two, including herself.

“Scared to come back to work because of what we do or they don’t have anyone to take care of their children because of distance learning. So they’re forced to stay home and be teachers and moms.”

In addition to being short-staffed, her hours are limited, slashing her revenue by 80%. 

Thong says she doesn't expect a second stimulus relief package, but she does hope the help does come one way or another.

"At this point, whatever it is that we can do together to help each other stay alive," said Thong.

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